Amid Digital SAT Uncertainty, University of Chicago Graduate Revolutionizes ACT Prep

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Boosted Brains Blog/Amid Digital SAT Uncertainty, University of Chicago Graduate Revolutionizes ACT Prep

TAMPA, FL, UNITED STATES, April 18, 2024 /AP News/ -- With plenty of confusion about the rollout of the new digital SAT, one company is forging a new path for high school students. ACT preparation company Boosted Brains is recommending that students avoid the uncertainty of the new, adaptive SAT by instead taking the ACT. The company claims to have a proven method of mastering the ACT, meaning that students don’t need to worry about the unknowns of the new SAT.

Boosted Brains has pioneered the launch of a groundbreaking ACT preparation method called 'ACT Hacking.' This innovative approach is designed to significantly improve student scores through a strategy-focused technique that is not commonly addressed in traditional standardized test prep methods.

The 'ACT Hacking' method was developed by University of Chicago graduate and Boosted Brains founder Carson Weekley after years of extensive research and testing with hundreds of students. The process focuses on identifying and overcoming specific 'traps' set by the ACT test, such as misleading answer choices and unnecessarily complex questions. This targeted approach has proven to dramatically simplify test preparation and lead to notable score improvements.

"We’ve seen incredible results with our students, consistently surpassing their expected score improvements," said Weekley. "Our program is designed to turn academic potential into real performance, ensuring students not only meet but exceed their goals. With 'ACT Hacking,' we're making high ACT scores more accessible than ever before."

As one student put it, “I always did well in school but struggled with standardized tests. Carson showed me why you shouldn't study for the ACT like a normal high school test. Because I took his class, I improved my score by 8 points!”

The program not only offers personalized coaching and strategic test preparation but also guarantees a minimum score improvement of 4 points. To date, Weekley’s methods have helped hundreds of students with an average score improvement of more than 5 points.

About Boosted Brains:

Boosted Brains is a boutique ACT preparation company based in Tampa, FL that provides coaching to students around the United States. The company specializes in innovative educational strategies that transform test preparation. With over 6 years of experience, founder Carson Weekley has helped students achieve and surpass their college admissions goals through personalized coaching and his unique 'ACT Hacking' technique.

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Carson Weekley Head ACT Coach Picture

Founder & Head ACT Coach

Carson Weekley

In high school, Carson was inspired to challenge his test-taking abilities after receiving an initial ACT score of 31. Carson dove into rigorous study sessions to learn the material. He initially studied for over one hundred hours with no improvement, so he knew he was doing something wrong. After experiencing inefficient practice, he set out to create a more efficient study plan for himself. This mindset shift paid off, as he ultimately achieved a 36 on the ACT.

This score opened doors to multiple top-ranked schools, including MIT and the University of Chicago, where Carson ultimately received an Economics degree, with honors. It also helped him land a job in investment banking, where he spent time honing his financial skills. Now, Carson is passionate about helping others reach their full potential on the ACT and unlock the opportunities that come with a high score. Everything he teaches is centered around being as efficient as possible, as he knows how frustrating it is to waste time studying.

In his spare time, Carson enjoys playing pickleball, boating, sports, poker, and spending time with his family and dogs. If you have any questions, he can be reached at

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