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What's the Difference Between a 22 and a 30 on the ACT? For One Student, It Was $88,421...​

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Can your student achieve an 8 point score increase?

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The ACT is not just a test—it's a pivotal checkpoint in your student’s academic journey. It's the first metric colleges look at when assessing a student's academic abilities. A high score can open doors to prestigious universities and unlock substantial scholarship opportunities. A low score can get a college application denied before a human being even reads it.

However, many students find themselves with a score that doesn’t reflect their academic potential. This limits their options, sidelining them from the schools and scholarships they deserve. Recognizing the weight of this test is critical in the college process.

And the truth is, traditional high school classes don't prepare students for this test. High school classes focus on broad knowledge rather than the specific skills needed to excel on the ACT. But the real challenge isn’t the test's content. It's the 'traps' of the test such as complex questions and misleading answer choices. These are traps that conventional schooling fails to highlight.

Fortunately, no matter where your student is right now, there's a path to improvement through what I like to call "ACT hacking". The secret is in identifying and understanding these traps. While it may seem impossible, every student can do this.

The ACT only has so many types of traps that they can use. And once your student can identify these traps, their score will shoot up. This is exactly what happened with Ava. When she became comfortable finding the ACT's traps, she improved from a 22 to a 30. Your student has the ability to do the same!

This isn’t just test prep—it’s strategic mastery of the ACT. I compare it to hacking because there's a proven, reliable path to beating this test. We've done it over and over again. Students who follow this path see an average score improvement of over 5 points.

It's such a consistent formula that if a student follows the path and doesn't improve by at least 4 points, I offer a full refund! And of the thousands of students I've worked with over the years, not one family has ever needed to take me up on this offer.

So yes, every student has unique challenges. But we're experts at working with students to overcome these challenges. Just picture the benefits of your student's improved ACT score: better college options, more scholarship money, and a brighter future. All of these are within reach.

And it all starts with a FREE planning session. That's right. No risk, no credit card necessary to book (and no hidden charges anywhere). Just fill out some information about you and your student, then pick a time for our call. We'll lay out a plan to get your student ready for the test, whether it includes working with us or not!

And while most families do end up working with us, I'm proud to provide valuable ACT insights to every family who has a call. My goal is to help as many students as possible, but I can only work with a small number of families anyway.

​So if you're ready to take the first step toward a better ACT score, click that button below and apply for your FREE, no-risk ACT strategy call.

What Do Families Love About Boosted Brains?

Ava W.

Original ACT: 22

​Final ACT: 30

I always did well in school but struggled with standardized tests. Carson showed me why you shouldn't study for the ACT like a normal high school test. Because I took his class, I improved my score by 8 points and earned almost $90,000 in scholarships!

Morgan J.

Original ACT: 26

​Final ACT: 32

I had originally taken an SAT prep course, but the class was generic and I barely increased my score. After consulting with Carson, I decided to switch to the ACT and immediately saw myself improving. Carson made ACT classes entertaining and the videos were helpful and very easy to watch!

Reese A.

Original ACT: 30

​Final ACT: 35

I thought I was well-prepared the first time I took the ACT. However, after taking Carson's ACT class, I realized that there's so much more to this test than I thought. Working in small groups helped me see better approaches to questions. I couldn't have gotten my 35 without this class!

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