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Check out the exact roadmap that our students follow to improve their ACT scores by over 5 points in just 6 weeks.

In fact, one of our recent students just made the jump from a 22 to a 30.
Spoiler: this ACT score resulted in an $88,421 scholarship package for her.

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What Do Families Love About Boosted Brains?

ACT Student Score Improvement 1

Ava W.

Original ACT: 22

​Final ACT: 30

I always did well in school but struggled with standardized tests. Carson showed me why you shouldn't study for the ACT like a normal high school test. Because I took his class, I improved my score by 8 points and earned almost $90,000 in scholarships!

ACT Student Score Improvement 2

Morgan H.

Original ACT: 26

​Final ACT: 32

I had originally taken an SAT prep course, but the class was generic and I barely increased my score. After consulting with Carson, I decided to switch to the ACT and immediately saw myself improving. Carson made ACT classes entertaining and the videos were helpful and very easy to watch!

ACT Student Score Improvement 3

Reese A.

Original ACT: 30

​Final ACT: 35

I thought I was well-prepared the first time I took the ACT. However, after taking Carson's ACT class, I realized that there's so much more to this test than I thought. Working in small groups helped me see better approaches to questions. I couldn't have gotten my 35 without this class!

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Can You Imagine If You Had

5 Extra ACT Points?

No, that's not a joke. Take your current ACT score and add 5 points to it. That's the average score increase for students who complete the ACT Score Boost Bootcamp (really it's 5.2 points, but we can't round that up).

Want to find out the exact steps for how our students do it?

23 to 28 ACT Score
23 to 28 ACT Score

Is your student

lost or overwhelmed with ACT preparation?

  • Do you think your student just isn't a great test-taker?
  • Does it seem like the ACT was made specifically to hold your student back?
  • Are you frustrated that you can't find the right study tools?
  • And overall, do you just need some expert help on the ACT?

You're not alone. ACT prep can feel like a daunting journey, filled with uncertainty and stress. We've guided countless students just like yours from feeling lost to achieving their dream outcomes. Our head ACT coach, with a perfect 36, created a roadmap to success that takes the guesswork out of studying.

Our students consistently follow this roadmap to achieve top-level outcomes on the ACT. For example, Ava originally scored a 22 on the ACT. But after 6 weeks of following our playbook, she ended up scoring a 30. Check out exactly how she did this by clicking that big green button.

Carson Weekley Head ACT Coach Picture

Founder & Head ACT Coach

Carson Weekley

In high school, Carson was inspired to challenge his test-taking abilities after receiving an initial ACT score of 31. Carson dove into rigorous study sessions to learn the material. He initially studied for over one hundred hours with no improvement, so he knew he was doing something wrong. After experiencing inefficient practice, he set out to create a more efficient study plan for himself. This mindset shift paid off, as he ultimately achieved a 36 on the ACT.

This score opened doors to multiple top-ranked schools, including MIT and the University of Chicago, where Carson ultimately received an Economics degree, with honors. It also helped him land a job in investment banking, where he spent time honing his financial skills. Now, Carson is passionate about helping others reach their full potential on the ACT and unlock the opportunities that come with a high score. Everything he teaches is centered around being as efficient as possible, as he knows how frustrating it is to waste time studying.

In his spare time, Carson enjoys playing pickleball, boating, sports, poker, and spending time with his family and dogs. If you have any questions, he can be reached at carson@boostedbrains36.com.

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